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Well here’s some bad news/good news. The bad news? A spike in crime against women in North Brooklyn. The good news: The Brooklyn Bike Patrol, a volunteer organization that accompanies women home still exists and are more than ready to help. We’e previously covered the bike patrol here, and obviously it would be WAY better if there was no need for this bunch of mensches, but as long as people are attacking women, it’s good they’re here.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that North Brooklyn residents are on edge after reports of scary encounters at the Morgan L, an attack against a woman on Cooper Street, and a rape on Kent Avenue.

The Bike Patrol will meet residents at over the 55 stations throughout the borough, dismount their bikes, and walk women home. The group urges people who need a walking buddy to call 45 minutes in advance for someone to be dispatched in time.

The president of Brooklyn Bike Patrol, Jay Ruiz, runs a background check on all of his volunteers, but we looked over the application for membership and were hoping they’d add a requirement that all bikers must wear leather gloves and chew on a toothpick.

Call the Brooklyn Bike Patrol at (718) 744–7592 or follow them @BKBikePatrol

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