Looks like camp, but with better booze. via Facebook

Warm weather means lots of things in the city. Beach trips, that garbage smell we all know and love and outdoor drinking. Who needs a roof or walls? Not us! As if there weren’t already plenty of options for outdoor drinking here, we’ve got a whole new special place to do it, because Grub Street is reporting that Kings County Distillery is opening a whiskey-soaked backyard drinking spot in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Kings County Distillery has grown from single-room distillation spot to sprawling Navy Yard factory, so we suppose that throwing a backyard where you can drink honey whiskey, Manhattans, mint juleps and moonshine punch is a natural progression in their world conquering plan. Starting May 22, this Friday, the distillery’s backyard will be open to the public from 4pm to 10pm on Fridays and 2pm to 10pm on Saturdays.

Beyond the drinking, Grub Street says that the backyard will have a rotating cast of chefs to provide a menu that will feed you and help you avoid breaking one of the cardinal rules of day drinking. The inaugural food will be barbecue provided by Smoak, and with the weather looking to top out around the 70s, you should be able to hit the sweet spot of eating lots of cooked meat without feeling like you want to pass out in your plate due to heat and humidity.

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