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As you might recall, we’re in the midst of electing a new King and Queen of Brooklyn because Jay-Z and Beyonce would rather hang out in L.A. Well, we’re showing them they won’t be missed, because so far our (legally binding) poll about who should be our new King and Queen has received over 1,000 votes from people hungry to replace our abdicating royalty. More importantly, with voting set to end on Friday, the race is becoming a two-couple race, with the Girl of Gotham and the Cyclones’ King Henry leading the way, followed by the Grand Prospect Hall Couple.

Somewhat to our surprise, the celebrity power of both the Abbi Jacobson/Ilana Glazer and the Patrick Stewart/Steve Buscemi candidacies hasn’t been able to lift them higher than third and fourth place, with 160 and 111 votes respectively. Instead, the chosen candidates appear to be the Grand Prospect Hall couple, with 226 votes and the Girl of Gotham and King Henry with 523 votes.

Like we said though, voting ends Friday, so we could still see some wild swings in the voting until then. And remember, whoever wins is legally our new King and Queen, so share and vote because it’s your civic duty and you don’t want to wind up with a king and queen who will behead you for sitting out the race.

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