Saturday, a mega-flea in Kensington/Windsor

You'll see some dancers from the Cynthia King studio and their vegan slippers (but maybe not the sheep).

Dancers from the Cynthia King Studio and their vegan slippers (and a sheep).

We’re actually being told to “be there or be square” for the Greenwood Playground Spring Flea Market and Tag Sale on Saturday, and we’re inclined to believe it. This is no ordinary flea the Friends of Greenwood Playground have put together, but a MEGA-Flea, with live music, live dance from the Cynthia King Studio, discounts for local restaurants, prizes, a book-swap and even worm-composting lessons from the Botanic Garden. And, oh yeah, probably a ton of stuff to buy from the vendors selling “treasures, joyous junk, and everything in between!” All this, from 9 to 5 at the playground. We’ll be seeing all you non-squares there.

Greenwood Playground, Fort Hamilton Pkwy at E. 5th St., F or G trains to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.

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  • I live right by this, and this was the worst, most disappointing “flea market” I’ve ever seen. And I’ve even been to the Coney Island knock-off extravaganza that they call a flea market. If they do this again, I hope they curate some real vendors instead of the people selling tatty junk and lady with guitar singing kid songs.

  • It was much more like a garage/stoop sale than a Brooklyn Flea, and I liked it. Not every vendor was selling “tatty junk”, there were some vendors selling handmade jewelry, and the music was very kid friendly, so what? It was in a playground. The Cynthia King Dancers were so adorable and good!