Quick tip: Inexpensive WINDSOR TERRACE nail salon has best foot massages ever

Nails by Amy in Kensington

Yes, this is a terrible picture but you get the idea.

Unless you’re doing a rose petal hoohah at D’mai, Brooklyn nail salons can blend into one another, with better or worse colors, cleaner or crustier foot baths, more or less sadistic technicians. But here’s an inexpensive neighborhood place that deserves a Brokelyn shout out. A basic mani-pedi at Nails by Amy, a newish nail salon on Ft. Hamilton Parkway in Kensington Windsor Terrace, includes a foot massage to rival big-name Manhattan spas, all for the low low price of $19.99 Tues. – Thurs., and $21.99 Fri. – Sunday. Both times we’ve been, were assigned to Jimmy, Amy’s husband. That Amy is one lucky gal — this dude knuckles and kneads your feet into a state of higher being for nearly 20 minutes, and his other pedi skills are up there too. Word from the other massage chairs is that the ladies are just as badass. By the way, Nails by Amy is right around the corner from another Kensington Windsor Terrrace reader fave, Haircare by Yolanda.

Nails by Amy, 2907 Ft. Hamilton Parkway at East 4th St., 718-436-2898 


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  • There’s another Nails By Amy on Church Ave.   You can’t swing a stick on Church Ave. without hitting a nail salon, and all of them are really, really cheap.  At most of them, you can get a manicure for 7 bucks or less, if you go on a weekday early in the week.  And some of them charge less for men.

  • Dear Fay,

    The Nails by Amy that’s on Fort Hamilton Parkway is in Windsor Terrace, not in Kensington. (So is Hair Care by Yolanda.) Windsor Terrace and Kensington are in different school districts and have different community boards, different police precinct, etc.

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  • The people that run this place are greedy and sneaky. I asked how much color gel was and they said $25 and then I asked how much it was with a regular manicure with just a gel cover and they said $13. So I chose that one and a pedicure.

    I had maybe 3-4 fingers left with my last gel color on them but they covered all my fingers in the foil and when they were almost done with my manicure they told me to remove the old polish it was an extra $5. I told them they should have told me BEFORE they removed the polish and I didn’t have the gel on every finger. So she said OK and said it was $3. Meanwhile, if I chose the color gel they would not have charged me to remove the gel color at all. Not to mention their pedicures are $15 dollars.

    I can only assume it was Amy I was talking to since she called the shots with her made up prices to make up the difference between the $13 manicure I chose and the $25 gel manicure they wanted me to choose. Amy’s arrogance and persistence to make a measly $5 pissed me off that I paid and left without even getting the color put on my nails.

    Worst experience at a nail salon ever.