Jobs are falling from the sky! 13 great ones landing in Brooklyn

The perblurshing industry is hot right now.

As we mentioned earlier today, HOLY SHIT UNEMPLOYMENT IS BELOW 8 PERCENT. There are two ways to react to this news: 1. Be a weirdo who insists Democrats are lying about being employed, or 2. Take advantage of the fact that there are freaking jobs available, load some resumes into your employvolver and hit the streets. We can’t help you with the first one, but we’ll be glad to help with the second! Sweet places to work in Brooklyn and its newly annexed piece of Manhattan (the Lower East Side) have some openings that don’t require you to know HTML7 or whatever the hell they’re up to like you know English and are worth jumping on.

Copywriter for DUMBO-based ad wizards Huge

Copywriter, Buyer, Assistant Buyer and Junior Graphic Designer at online retailer Uncommon Goods

Community Support and Project Specialist at Kickstarter

HR Administrator at Etsy

Blogger, Editor and LGBT Culture Blogger at Buzzfeed

Assistant Curator of Asian or Islamic Art at the Brooklyn Museum

And of course, if you need to build your portfolio, love Brooklyn and/or free breakfast or just know a good opportunity when you see it, you can always write for us!

Got a job opening? Tell us in the comments and hire a fellow Brokelyn reader!

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  • I actually partially credit Brokelyn for my new job. I’m the lucky SOB who landed the flea market spot you posted a few weeks back. :) Thanks Brokelyn for doing the legwork of actually finding a job for me!

  • Tour guides for bike tours in Brooklyn! Perfect side-job for aspiring actors or freelancers looking to make some extra cash. No experience necessary, just willing to learn and have a great attitude.

    • Actually, that sounds fun, although do people do those in the winter? Either way, where can people find said gig?

  • i applied to be a copywriter for uncommon goods, like, a month ago. they never wrote me back :(

  • Is it true? Job falling from sky….