Job seekers: Brian Lehrer wants your story

Picture 68A few of the city’s unemployed have landed themselves on one high-profile jobs forum: the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. The forum’s an on-air and Facebook-based project called Help Wanted, launched last week, and centering around five listeners who wrote in to the show with their stories of recent unemployment and search for jobs. The project’s giving these five (and more to come) a venue to share their out-of-work experiences, and to elicit real help and advice from anyone listening or following online. The first show, which aired Feb. 11, featured Naomi, a recently laid-off Manhattan attorney. Then this Monday, the focus was on Alyson, employed, but dissatisfied with her current job in the fashion industry. There’s also Maryli, Ginger and Jim for now, and show’s looking for more stories to fuel the ongoing project.

On-air, the participants tell their stories, ask pressing job-seeking questions (whether job hunting’s targeted to younger people) and seek advice from useful guests, like Andrea McCarren, the veteran TV journalist who lost her job, used social media to chronicle others’ unemployed experiences and is now back to full-time employment.

Then the conversation continues on the project’s Facebook page, where anyone can chime in to the forum and exchange advice with the five or just air their own tales of employment woe.

For a chance to get on the show with your own story, write in here.

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  • Thanks for the plug! Actually, I live in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, and my story on “help wanted” today is about applying for census jobs in our neighborhood.

    • Hi Naomi, I wanted to do a post on census jobs. Are they still hiring people, and how is the gig?