Job of the day: Shoot video for the Brooklyn Nets

Many battles have been fought over the construction of the Barclays center, but putting it all in the past might be easier if they started sharing some of that big NBA money with you. A “professional sports team” who happen to be associated with the Barclays Center is looking for a video manager with three to five years of video-production experience. If probably wouldn’t hurt if you happen to be the friend of a friend of the second cousin of Jay-Z too.
The duties include:
 Coordinating and overseeing video shoots for assigned projects including directing, setup, lighting, audio and camera operation.
Working with on-camera host/talent and interview subjects to prep for shoots.
And the creation of title graphics, lower thirds and end slates.
No word on salary, though we imagine it must be a decent gig, where you might even get to see strange things like this.