It’s time to Occupy … Williamsburg??

Wait ... not that Williamsburg...

If you’ve been telling your friends that the one thing stopping you from occupying Wall Street was a fear of the L train stranding you in Manhattan, come Tuesday, you’ll need a new excuse. OWS has taken its show on the road since the dramatic raid by the 101st Bloomberg Airborne NYPD: after a stopover in East New York, the movement comes to the neighborhood that was into direct democracy before it went all mainstrean: Williamsburg. And, naturally, the neighborhood marches to its own drum (circle): the target isn’t banks; it’s condos.

A General Assembly will be convening at Union Pool at 7pm to discuss the effects of the Williamsburg/Greenpoint rezoning law, the resulting genital wart-like growth of waterfront condos and the looming entrance of Starbucks and other chains into Williamsburg, among other issues.

Of course, this being direct democracy, you can bring whatever other issues you think are pressing in the community and present them, like my fervent wish to replace the Music Hall of Williamsburg’s stupid name with a better one. Come for the hotties, stay for the important political converstaions to prove to the hotties that you aren’t shallow.

[Thanks to Emily Gould for the tip!]

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