It’s Farrah Hair Day, all day, in Williamsburg

Emily and Farrah-Emily. Photos by Stefan Tonio,

Emily and Farrah-Emily. Photos by Stefan Tonio.

Just a reminder that today is Farrah Hair Day at one of our favorite beauty spots, the Beehive Salon in Williamsburg, where you can get a Farrah Fawcett blowout for $50. That sounds like a lot, and yeah it kind of is, but not when the salon is giving half of it to Sanctuary for Families, a New York state group that helps victims of domestic abuse. You may be broke (and you may not be) but that’s no excuse to 1) neglect good causes and 2) not have Farrah Hair. If you get a blowout at the Beehive today, you might even get your picture on Brokelyn, because we’re going to be taking before and afters!

And if you can’t make it to the Beehive, Slope Suds in Park Slope has the same deal all month—blowouts for $50—but they’re giving half of their proceeds to the American Cancer Society, a charity Farrah supported. And if you don’t have fifty bucks? You can still rock a Farrah with our amazing DIY Farrah blowout.

Beehive Salon, 115 N. 7th St., 718-782-8376 (phone bookings only)
Slope Suds
,  at 462 7th Ave. (on the corner of 16th Street), 718-788-7837,

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  • I was there at the beehive.

    thanks for creating this promotion, it was fun and Karen did a great job with my hairdo!