Artisanal pencil sharpener David Rees: defiant to the end

Yesterday, the Atlantic posted 2012’s most infuriating words and while the list is hilarious, we want to know: who’s actually using the words? Team Brokelyn won’t play into your lexicographical trends! We’re superior to pleb words like “curvy” and “disrupt.” And don’t get us started on “artisanal.” DON’T GET US STARTED! We called for its eradication back in May.

Not that it did us any good: the word is here to stay for the foreseeable future. And at least one artisan out there, artisanal pencil sharpener David Rees scoffs at the hatred of the word. When reached for comment, he responded “I don’t care what the Atlantic says — I’m getting paid.”

One of the most infuriating words on the list is “twee.” We’ve never once used that word in a serious context. In fact, we used it as a weapon, because things like hayride weddings in the woods and jars of buttons SHOULD be mocked. We said it here making fun of NY Mag, here making fun of a girl’s Kickstarter for her birthday party and here making fun of  scents for guys.

Then there’s “hipster,” which we can proudly say we don’t use. The word is banned from the Brokelyn style guide because it’s a meaningless string of letters that no one could define if their lives depended on it. Know what hipsters are? Underwear. So why are you all so angry about underwear?
The Atlantic also marks “jeah,” for death after it was popularized by Olympic athlete Ryan Lochte. Jocks can keep “jeah” because we’ve hated it since the meathead frat guys started saying it in our college Spanish classes. And, despite YOLO being so popular that a Teen Mom actually got a tattoo of it, we used the term only twice, to excuse debaucherous weekends. (As in, “Eh, YOLO, right guys?”)
Butt-chugging tops the list, and while we may have said it once, you kinda have to if you’re going to talk about Vice. We will also admit to using “epic” liberally, but just to describe our parties (which are pretty freaking epic).

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