You could make a lot of horses talk with that.
You could make a lot of horses talk with that.

Should you clear a space on your storm/earthquake shelter shelf for tubs and tubs of peanut butter? Maybe. The lovable spreadable nut butter has been a staple of the broke person’s diet throughout time (sometimes, when there’s no carb on hand, don’t feel bad just dipping that spoon right in there). But now thanks to the worst peanut crop in recent history, peanut prices have skyrocketed almost 300 percent. The Chicago Tribune reports Kraft this month already raised prices for its Planters peanut butter by 40 percent; while Peter Pan maker ConAgra is increasing prices 20 percent and J.M. Smucker started hiking prices on Jif Nov. 8, according to The Street. Have you noticed any increases at your local stores?

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