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As you all know, we’re celebrating five years of Brokelyn at the Bell House on October 16, and you’re all invited to celebrate with us. Also, you might remember our party is high school homecoming dance-themed. You can’t have a good homecoming celebration without a good marching band though, so we’re thrilled to announce that Brooklyn’s own party-starting marching band the Hungry March Band will be performing at the party, revving up your school spirit and kicking the party into another gear. What, you didn’t think that we’d just settle for any old marching band, did you?

Maybe you know the Hungry March Band because you’ve caught them marching in the Coney Island Mermaid Festival, maybe you know them because of their shoutout in Orange is the New Black, maybe you know them because you saw them with the World-Inferno Friendship Society (or was it the Pilfers?) at the old Knitting Factory. Either way, if you know them, you know that when the Hungry March Band comes stomping through, people dance, people cheer and people have a good time. And if you don’t know them, look at this video of them marching right onto the beach at Coney Island:

Goddamn, you see that? People just running up to dance next to the band, like we’re all living in some kind of high school movie. And we will be living in some kind of high school movie at the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance, because with a legit party starting band like Hungry March Band playing our big dance, it’ll be like those unrealistic high school movies where Save Ferris plays the big dance (except the Hungry March Band is better than Save Ferris).

So, we’ve got class warrior and late night host Scott Rogowsky, the chance to win a crapoload of valuable prizes, a hot for teacher dance-off, tunes from DJ Brian Blackout and now the Hungry March Band making the kind of joyous racket any high school football team would be lucky to have.

All for just $12? Holy shit, what are you waiting for? Get a ticket now and RSVP on Facebook to let us know you’re coming!

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