No insurance? No problem at the Brooklyn Free Clinic’s Women’s Health Night

brookyn free clinic

These nice young doctors want to help you ladies out. via Facebook

It’s barely a week into January, but if you’re like me the chances are you’re already terrified about all of the incidental medical expenses you’re going to incur in the year 2014—especially if you’re a woman with more, ahem, routine requirements. Men and rich people, this would be the time to stop reading recognize the myriad medical procedures your friends/ girlfriends and wives face. But ladies, rejoice: Wednesday, January 8 marks the inaugural Women’s Health Night at the Brooklyn Free Clinic in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Starting tomorrow and continuing on a monthly basis, uninsured women can mosey over to 840 Lefferts Avenue in order to seek out the services of volunteer physicians and gynecologists therein.

The skinny on Brooklyn Free Clinic: Billed as “a student-run clinic for the uninsured,” the Brooklyn Free Clinic functions much like any other walk-in medical joint—minus the paying part. For Women’s Health Night, they’ll be providing annual GYN pelvic exams, routine PAP smears for cervical cancer, STD testing and breast exams among other services, so if you’re waiting for your Obamacare to kick in, this could be a good stopgap.

Women’s Health Night only happens once a month, which makes it a safer bet for curious one-time wanderers than repeat offenders expecting the same doctor to see them. So ladies, if you’re trying to replace ongoing, consistent medical care with these services, you might want to make other arrangements.