This just in: New York spring water, 17 cents a bottle

spring-water-1Bottled water is evil but sometimes unavoidable, and there’s a new kind on the market that lets New Yorkers swell with civic pride even as they trash the environment. This week’s Duane Reade circular introduces their exclusive New York Spring Water, “bottled in New York State for New Yorkers.” It doesn’t say where the water comes from, but the label copy defensively assures skeptics that “It’s clean, it’s natural, we promise.” At this price it could come from the Gowanus: $1.99 for a 12-pack of 16.9 ouncers comes out to about 17 cents a bottle, rounding up. That’s practically cheaper than tap water. By the way, how is it that DR is “introducing” the water at the “lowest price ever”?

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  • What the hell? Just drink tap water.

    If you need it to be portable, refill one bottle 50 times. Don’t buy 12 new bottles.

  • Believe me I’m down with that in principle. I’ve seen those albatross pics from the South Pacific. But reused bottles, whether sigg or poland springs, get so… skanky.

  • the back of the bottle says “deep beneath the rolling hills of new york’s hudson valley lies a natural spring that establishes a new standard in pure spring water. bottled in new york state, for new yorkers.”

    i bought some for my office and it tastes good.

  • Purchased 1-12pk, great taste! purchased 3
    more ends tomorrow, will purchase 5 more, taste + price I’m sold..
    it’s all a crap shoot.

  • Will try it.