If you go to just 1 sex workshop this year …

Step 1: Please wash the box before repeat use.

this is probably the one. The last week of the year is the time to download all those albums on top 10 lists to pretend like you’ve been into them all year long and to skim the best books of the year for conversation fodder so you can seem lit savvy, so why not get caught up on all that’s new in sex in 2011? If you missed Babeland’s more than 100 workshops this year (tips on HJs, BJs, bondage, you know, your usual Park Slope chit chat), get a crash course at the shop’s free Top 10 Sex Tips of 2011 event Dec. 31 at 12:30pm. Babeland will “let you in on the best positions and oral sex techniques of 2011,” which makes us wonder: does that much in sex change from year to year? Ah gad, this is what I miss by staying home downloading albums and reading all year.

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