How to save your old VCR from the landfill

Your old iPod deserves a better fate

If Santa granted wishes for a new computer or camera this year, you’ve probably got a pile of obsolete old machines taking up space in your apartment. We’re sure you know already how hazardous E-waste is when mixed with regular trash, but here’s an extra incentive to recycle this month: The Lower East Side Ecology Center and TekServe are teaming up for weekend recycling days all over the city. Every recycler can enter to win a MacBook Air or a sweet “I recycle NY” shirt, plus you can get discounts on Apple products. Take your computers, phones, VCRs and other trash to the two Brooklyn locations: Prospect Park West and 3rd Street on Jan. 16; or Habana Outpost in Fort Greene on Jan. 22. Check the full list for all acceptable recyclables and locations.

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