All you need to have a great night. We be flippin photos like pancake batter.

Today was a day of tribute to MCA, legally known as Adam Yauch, as he got a playground named after him in Brooklyn Heights. Visiting there is one way to pay tribute, and so is going to MCA Day tomorrow, which is on the one year anniversary of when we lost one of our best Brooklyn-born humans. You could also blast some Beastie Boys tunes. But, one another thing you can do is make a brass monkey, immortalized in Beasties track, “Brass Monkey.” Don’t know how? It’s fun and easy, and best of all, incredibly cheap!


The first step is to get yourself a 40 of Olde English and a small carton of OJ, as seen above. At my corner bodega, it cost me $4.59 for the two. Obviously your experience will vary, but it should be close to that.

Photo on 5-3-13 at 3.28 PM


I know, I know. Once you start drinking that 40, all you want to do is finish it. But all you need to do at the moment is drink it down to the top of the label. Don’t worry, you’ll be drinking again real soon.

Photo on 5-3-13 at 4.00 PM


Now, open your OJ and pour the contents in until you’ve refilled your 40 to the top. Leave some room to put the cap on.

Photo on 5-3-13 at 4.09 PM


OK, so this is how I learned how to do it, and you probably DON’T have to do it this way. But it’s fun. The final step is to put the cap back on, find some room wherever you are and roll your 40 so that you mix up the ingredients real well.

Photo on 5-3-13 at 4.12 PM


If your kitchen floor is gross like mine, maybe wipe the bottle off before drinking from it again. Anyway, now you have a brass monkey, congratulations!

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    • A Glug how-to will never grace Brokelyn’s pages because:
      1.. the ingredients are top secret proprietary information and
      2. It’s embarrassingly expensive to make

  1. The Hobo Mimosa tastes a lot better and is way less filling.
    – A 32ounce bottle of Miller High Life (The champagne of beers)
    – Orange juice.
    Drink to the label, fill with juice, and enjoy.

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