How to buy tech gear on a budget

picture-148We know what we know around here: where to go on a great cheap date, how to find budget yoga, and whether or not it’s really worth it to join the Park Slope Food Coop. But there’s plenty we don’t know: whether cut-rate boob jobs can be any good, whether you should buy a used car on Coney Island Avenue (but we’ll find out) and how to get a good deal on tech. But our resourceful friends at Recessionwire alerted us to an indispensible package of 16 articles on cnet about how to save on everything from digital SLR cameras to cell phones to Blu-Ray players. Tips include not overbuying in terms of size or capacity, considering last year’s model and never buying an HDMI cable in the store. (Duh! Like… who would?) One cnet suggestion we can get our heads around: instead of a new laptop, we’re now thinking about getting a Netbook like the Dell mini 10V for $299.

[via Recessionwire]