How to assemble a winning outfit for our Spring Gala

We Brooklynites don’t typically wake up, gawk at our closets and ponder, “What here says ironic garden party?” It’s great that you guys are getting jazzed about our snazziest spring duds contest at the Brokelyn Country Club Spring GalaThursday, but we’d never want you to stress. So I delved into the preppier suburbs, the warmer west coast and a ménage of bookmarked indie fashion blogs for some ideas, inspiration and downright costumes to help you find an outfit and win the best-dressed prize, along with a guide of local shops where you can find a quick secondhand outfit. Now is the time to go over the top. Save the holding back for next winter.


Sheer tops

Denim vests

Super loose nude sleeveless satin button-downs

Neon striped tanks


Trousers (with or without bows)

Floor-length ‘Venus de Milo’ style flowy skirts – aka maxi skirts

Dita Von Teese at Coachella = you at our Spring Gala

Bell bottoms (reluctant admission)

High waisted button-up shorts

Salmon-colored chino pants

Junderpants’ – are these real? I hope not.


Boat shoes

Espadrilles, always



Saddle shoes and loafers

Pony hair platform boots

Keds, Toms and all the flimsy flat canvas shoes your little heart desires


Braids (in your hair, and on your belt)

Straw hats

That pinuppy way to tie a bandana. Will someone please teach me?

Peter Pan collars (these are often detachable)

Your dad’s visor





Golf-course-chic (seersucker, polos, etc)

Khaki and navy things

Sheer things and more lace

Chambray all the way

Butterfly print

Tulip/petal cut seams

Dresses that button all the way down the back

Skirts that button all the way down the front

Santa Fe-inspired color schemes

Off-white and nude, neutral pinks

Popped collars


Because our party is at Public Assembly (located at n. 6th and Berry), here’s my mini thrifty 8-block-radius heart-of-Williamsburg shopping guide to pick up some last-minute treasures with which to adorn yourself, each which offers a different and ever-changing selection of clothes. I recommend trying: 10 Foot SingleBeacon’s ClosetBuffalo Exchange, and Monk Thrift.


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