Save your pennies to sit with these ballers
Save your pennies to sit with these ballers

From our window, we can see the vertical frame of Barclays Center rising to the clouds, which means this Nets in Brooklyn thing is actually happening. There’s still lots of details to work out — like, you know, what to call the team, and how much hip hop we’ll be partying to — but as of this week you can buy tickets for the inaugural Brooklyn season, which starts October 2012. So what does it cost to see BK’s first professional sports team in 54 years?

Details about the seating or location of these tickets in the stadium hasn’t been unveiled yet, but the Nets say 2,000 of the 18,000 seats will be priced at $15 and below for each game. For the rest, 50 percent of them will cost $55 or less, with lower-level season tickets starting at $65.

If you’re a true baller (or maybe part-owner of the team), you can buy the All Access season tickets, which can be used for unlimited food at stadium restaurants and stands, plus a private entrance, speed lines, concierge service and other such hobnobing afforded to VIPs. Those tickets start at $99 and go way up from there, we assume.

Is it worth it? It’s hard to say until we see the gleaming final product, but we can compare to current prices:

Tickets for the next Nets game vs. the Heat on Sunday range from $18.55 (with surcharges) to, uh, $3,700. Seeing the Knicks take on the Cavs that same day range $10 to $3,000.

But hey, if you’re just jonesing for a sports fix of any kind, you can always see the Brooklyn Cyclones, currently the borough’s largest sports venture, for just $17.


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