One couple has an embarrassment of riches: five boxes containing 200 – 300 films and “a ton of posters” amassed during research for a film script about Hong Kong Cinema, all of it now available for free on Craigslist “for one lucky person”.

At least some of the DVDs look like they offer dubbed English versions, or subtitles at the least, as they have dual language English / Cantonese titles on their covers.

The post went up about seven hours ago, and the OP is located somewhere on the lower West Side of Manhattan, according to Craigslist.



For those foreign film and Chinese language movie buffs out there, you’re probably already en route to Manhattan. For the rest of us, such an extensive collection presents a great opportunity to learn Cantonese or otherwise immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s culture from the comfort of your couch.



For those of you who aren’t into foreign films, “Martin” Season 1 is also currently available on Craigslist for free pick up, in Williamsburg. “This show is hilarious,” the OP encourages.


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