Here’s Skinny Dennis, so we know there’s at least one. via Facebook

Brooklyn is a borough of many tastes all colliding together at once, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to nightlife. If you’re into it, we probably have it. With that being said, it still struck us as odd that Barclays CEO/sentient hashtag Brett Yormark told the Hollywood Reporter that Brooklyn has 385 country bars (thanks to a heads up from Atlantic Yard Report’s Norman Oder). That’s a lot of twang! And also possibly just made up out of thin air? Join us in trying to name all of these bars.

The quote from Yormark, in full:

“There are areas we haven’t done as well as we would have liked,” concedes Yormark. “Country music is the perfect example. Many artists haven’t been to Brooklyn. They don’t understand that there are 11 subway lines and the Long Island Railroad here — that it’s easy to get fans from all over the tristate area. We have to educate them about the fact that there are 385 country bars in the borough.

Emphasis added by us. This is just a really weird thing to say, because while there’s nothing wrong with country music, we haven’t seen it enjoying a huge surge of popularity around here. And you’d think that with almost 400 bars allegedly committed to the works of Cash, Nelson and Keith, it’d be easy to just start rattling them off. Our list is as follows:

1. Skinny Dennis

2. Branded Saloon

3. Lone Star Bar and Grill (called “one of the few country bars in the city” in an old Yelp review)

4 – 385. ???

I had a friend who did a country music residency at Union Pool for a few weeks, but that seems like a stretch. One Brokelyn contributor offered the theory that Yormark meant “385 bars that play Johnny Cash singles sometimes,” but then we’d think the number would be higher. Oder checked with an actual country fan who told him that she could name ten country bars, which still leaves us 375 short. We really want to know where those 375 bars are though, so we can add them to our thriving tour business. If you’ve got some we missed, leave them in the comments.

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  1. you guys are missing the obvious ones:
    Uncle Neckmeat’s Good Time Jamboree, East Williamsburg
    The Outlaw Smack Haus (And Child Daycare Playspace), East Park Slope
    The Line Danceteria, South Bushwick
    Jasper T. Jowls’ Moonshine Distillery, Atlantic Terminal
    A Big Hole in The Ground With Whiskey and Tecate and Broken Dreams, Greenpoint (look for the hole)
    A Flatbed Truck While Your Dad’s Away, East Your Mom’s House.

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