Why does this ladder shelf costs four hundred dollars?

ladder shelf

Globe not included

What you see in the above picture is an “upcycled ladder shelf” made of two burlap-covered boards laid across the rungs of an old ladder. “Oh, that’s cool I guess, if you have room for it,” is what you’re saying. That’s before we tell you that someone is selling this thing for four hundred goddamn dollars. And it doesn’t even come with the globe! So maybe we all can figure out, together, why this costs so much money. Our theories after the jump.

– The ladder is vintage

-The ladder was used by the crew on the set of Francis Ha

-It was built just a few blocks from the famed Roberta’s pizzeria

-Burlap boards stuffed with $399 worth of heroin

-The ladder is actually made of pieces of the original cross Jesus was nailed to

-Secret benefit: wards off Daleks

-The builder was trained in staple gunning by kung fu masters in the Himalayas

-Unconfirmed reports that it is in fact a Stairway to Heaven

-Banksy looked at, thought about buying the ladder in a Home Depot once

-Trying to recoup costs of canceled 3rd Ward “Found Art” class

-Is secretly an art piece, representative of the influx of gentrified, new wood taking its  spot on the age-worn, stained ladder of Brooklyn

If you’ve got some theories, please do share. The ladder is available to buy in (of course) Bushwick, but at least it comes with free curbside delivery.

[h/t Uproxx]

Jokes and jokes courtesy of Tim Donnelly, Rebecca Fishbein, Meredith Olson, Maddie Owens and Eric Silver

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