Help Secret Science Club be even more nerdtastic

Yup, this is science. SECRET science.

If there’s anything that celebrates the ascendant victory of the Nerd Class — those who weren’t invited to the parties where you Actually Might Have Tried Alcohol Before Age 19, or otherwise shunned for trying to make the most of your education — it’s Brooklyn’s own Secret Science Club. The Club at The Bell House is like having a black hole hover over your high school, suck out all the droning teachers and thickheaded jocks and then spew out kooky, slightly tipsy teachers and a fascinating curriculum from the Learning is Fun Dimension. And now, it needs your help! The Club is usually FREE so it started a Kickstarter to expand its fifth season with more  scientists (like Neil deGrasse Tyson), new projects and bigger audiences. Seeing a huge room packed for a science lecture on a random Wednesday night means we must be doing something right in Brooklyn.

The Secret Science Club wants to expand its regular public talks featuring cool scientists, extend its Secret Science Cinema series, “pairing mind-blowing science presentations with incredible films”; involve audiences, artists, makers and doers in citizen science, art/sci challenges and other creative projects; and make the Secret Science Club accessible to an ever-growing audience.

For its Kickstarter goal of $9,974, the perks range from a hand-designed postcard ($10) to VIP tickets, four free drinks, T-shirts and other swag at the $100 level.