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We know, we know, Halloween is barely over and you’ve barely even started on your candy coma. With that being said, Thanksgiving will be here before we know, and while most of us are lucky enough to have family or a Friendsgiving to go to and eat well, there are too many people in this city who don’t have that. Enter Flatbush food kitchen CAMBA, who’s trying to make at least a small dent by giving 500 turkeys to 500 families in need. Sounds nice, right? You can help, by just throwing some money to their Indiegogo raising money for that.

CAMBA is trying to raise $15,000 so they can do this good deed and 500 more families in Brooklyn can have a nice Thanksgiving. You can give however much money you want, but each $30 you give gets a family of six a turkey with all the trimmings, like stuffing, cranberry sauce and potatoes. So far, 14 of these turkeys have been bought, so there’s a ways to go before the good deed is totally done. Unlike other crowdsourcing efforts, you don’t get any rewards for this outside of the satisfaction of doing a good deed, but that’s all that really counts in charity, right?

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