This seals it: Coney is recovering

Slowly but surely, New York is picking itself up and dusting itself off after Sandy. Because screw you, ya jerk hurricane. Fairway will be back by the end of the week, and now in just as awesome news, the New York Aquarium will re-open in the spring. Just in time to herald summer!

The Aquarium, which faced some scary freaking stuff during Sandy, when it faced the odd won’t be at full strength, but a little but of Aquarium is better than none at all. The open exhibits will be Glover’s Reef, a few in the Main Hall and the outdoor Sea Cliffs (home to walruses, sea lions, penguins, seals and otters). The Aquatheater will also re-open and will have a whole new sea otter demonstration. Still, the job is hardly done, with an estimated $65 million price tag on restoring the entire aquarium to its original state. But, now you’ll have something else to do when you head down to Coney for Meaningful Mondays. Which you’re gonna do, right? Good.

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