Hang out with a goon squad of authors and 11 other things to do this weekend

Jennifer Egan’s rolling deep this weekend. via Dossier

1. Try to win dinner at Blanca, which is apparently a popular restaurant (Friday)

2. Rock and roll for Sandy relief with Friend Roulette (Friday)

3. Get your best pair of reading shoes on for the Moby Dick Marathon (Friday and Saturday)

4. Help cook some Italian food. For people in a soup kitchen, not for yourself (Saturday)

5. Get in the groove of you 13-year-old self with Party Like It’s 1999. But now as you awkwardly slow dance to Boyz II Men, you’ll be raising money for charity, not really hoping Jana doesn’t notice you have a hard-on.

6. Jennifer Egan and veritable goon squad of literary luminaries come together to help rebuild powerHouse Arena (Saturday)

7. It’s almost snowball fight-season, so if there was ever a time to learn to sew mittens, it’d be now (Saturday)

8. Let everyone else shop at Macy’s for their Christmas gifts. You’re a renegade (Saturday and Sunday)

9. It’s a good old fashioned circus and medicine show. Watch your wallet (Saturday)

10. Learn about Thanksgiving from the Native Americans’ perspective. No, don’t worry, there’s no guilt involved (Sunday)

11. Fertility, DIY home construction and home brewing combine to make this month’s Presentation Party Night downright domestic (Sunday)

12. Canned food or toiletries get you a free beer at Public Assembly, which has a stunning 18 bands for their Sandy benefit (Sunday)