Groupon is back in the gun range game with 80% discount

It's all in the training

It’s all in the training

So remember earlier this year when Groupon decided they were bowing out of the gun range deal game, because well, people kept getting killed in mass shootings? So much for that! Maybe because they think the government is about to collapse and want people to know how to use a gun. Maybe because there’s money in it, or maybe they just figured peole would forget. Either way, if you’re at all curious about guns, $49 for a $250 two-hour course, an 80% discount, is about as cheap a way to learn about them as you’re going to find.

Groupon is offering a deal with Valastro International Academy again, the outfit in Queens they previously offered you a deal at. Unlike the last one, which was only for an hour, this time you’ll have two hours to hone your guncraft after taking a safety class, and end up with the shooting prowess of a Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or at least the fictional characters that they play. Take it from me though, and don’t sit on this Groupon until the last second, because you can’t just show up the day the deal expires and use it, you need to actually set up an appointment in advance.