One day, that first edition of Twilight: Eclipse you own will look just as quaint. via JimBooks

If you’ve got a real book nerd out there that you really love, or really want to convince them to love you, we’ve got the perfect Christmas gift for you to get them. Greenlight Bookstore has launched a First Edition Club, to get signed first editions from their backstock into your waiting hands and climate controlled environments.

According to Greenlight’s website, the First Editions club will be a subscription-based club that sends a copy of a first edition fiction, non-fiction or poetry book, picked by Greenlight’s selection committee, to subscribers. First editions are special, they note, because they’re the closest edition to the author’s original intent when the work is published. First editions also appreciate in value, so they can be sold for more money one day if you need to raise funds for a kidney transplant or something.

Greenlight also promises that the books will actually be books that you’ll want to read, not just ones that you’d store in plastic comic bags. Careful with them though, you don’t want to spill coffee all over them and depreciate their value immediately. Membership in the club costs $250 for six months and $500 for a year

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