Nice art, considering it’s made with TOXIC WASTE. via Houston CultureMap

Hurricane Sandy has inspired some interesting art and baubles, and why wouldn’t it? Brooklyn is both resilient and creative. Now there’s a new batch of art (that is being shown in Houston!) that’s not only inspired by Sandy’s path of destruction but also made with a substance usually not found in art: water from the Gowanus Canal.

Let’s repeat that: paintings made with WATER FROM THE GOWANUS CANAL. That is simply amazing, given that all we’ve used the Gowanus Canal for is catching three-eyed fish and disposing of our many enemies (blog lyfe, y’all). The artist, Mie Olise, has a studio in Red Hook and says she was inspired by how things looked when she went for walks in her neighborhood after Sandy. She doesn’t explain why she decided to use water from the canal in the paintings, leaving it for us to wonder if she’s either trying to poison people or thinks people handling the paintings will get toxic waste super powers.

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