Can’t get to your polling place? Vote anywhere in NY today! No excuses!

The whole city is in the democracy spirit. Photo by kennethcoleprd on Instagram.

HAPPY ELECTION DAY!! If you have not yet heard the news, Governor Cuomo (POTUS 2016??) signed an executive order last night that will allow all registered New York voters who are residents of counties affected by Sandy (Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester) to cast their ballot in any polling place in the state via affidavit. This temporary change in NYS Election Law will hopefully facilitate the voting process for people who have been displaced by the storm.

This change does not mean that you should go vote at the polling site closest to your work during lunch. If you can physically get to your assigned polling location and it still exists, vote there. Only votes for the top of the ticket (Obama v. Romney) will count if you are voting outside of your legislative district (i.e., your vote will not count towards other races, such as for State Senate or State Assembly).

There are special “Voter Shuttle” buses available for transport to/from polling sites in Sandy-ravaged Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

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  • No one at any of the polling places in Williamsburg, BK have any clue about this new change. Anyone who can offer any insight would be helpful!

  • Affidavit is the magic word. Ask for one, fill out the ballot, place the ballot in the affidavit envelope, hand it to an election worker. Boom.

    • What the election worker does with it from there depends on whether he/she has been able to afford his/her alzhiemers/dementia medication #OBAMACARE