You gotta have it: Get a free ticket to see Spike Lee speak at Pratt

spike lee

Find out if Spike has game when it comes to lectures

Spike Lee has been making movies for longer than most of us have been alive, which is a weird thing to think about. Of course, that also means he’s no doubt collected a ton of wisdom about doing that, so of course it makes sense that Pratt has invited him to come and give a lecture this month on his road to success and the cultural impact his career has had on America. Best of all, this accumulated knowledge will be given away completely free.

Lee will be at Pratt on February 25, just up the road from his father’s raucous jazz parties, to give a free lecture at 6:30pm about his career and the themes found in his films. If you’ve got an inside man at Pratt, they can grab you a student ticket, but if you don’t know anyone going through their school daze now, you can still get a ticket. You can reserve up to two tickets, you just need to email Pratt at events [at] with your name and phone number. There’s no word on whether the floor will eventually be open for questions, but if it is, make sure you get him on the record as to whether the Knicks should trade Carmelo Anthony or not.

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