Got a gig for you, guv’na: The Daily Mail needs a social media editor

daily mail online

What would you tweet if you saw this picture? via Facebook

Have you been irritating your friends with both your unemployment and your Anglophilia? Well, you can kill one bird and keep another alive with one stone, because British tabloid the Daily Mail needs a social media editor to tweet out eye-catching and click-generating links to their stories. And don’t worry, you don’t have to move to an office in England where everyone will make fun of your terrible fake accent, they’ve got an office right here in New York.

Now, obviously we’re all great at social media stuff, because we’re young and we set Facebook on fire, etc. and so on. But the Mail needs more than a birth certificate showing that you’re under 30, they also want you to have a couple years of experience working in social media for another media company. Before they hand you the keys to their kingdom, you also need to show you’ve got in-depth knowledge of how things like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus work (or get ignored, in G+’s case) and an ability to connect with people through the internet.

So, if you’re looking to take the next step in your journey through tabloid madness, get your social media profiles together and submit a resume. Just be sure you know what you’d tweet to get people to click on a story headlined “Russian oligarch’s girlfriend sparks MLK day firestorm after posing on ‘naked black woman’ chair for fashion blog.”