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The people running Jane’s Carousel certainly have a lot to be happy about. They managed to survive Sandy, despite the storm’s best efforts, and the repairs on the merry-go-round weren’t so expensive that they couldn’t quickly re-open. And now, because it’s the time of year for love and they love us, they’re hooking everyone up with a two-for-one riding deal, all month long.

Now you can ride the metaphor for human existence twice when you go there with a date, who hopefully doesn’t get motion sickness that easily. Sure it only costs $2 to ride it usually, but it’s just more romantical to have them let you and your special lady ride together on the same ticket. And if you don’t have a special lady, maybe you just have a friend you sometimes have sex with that can appreciate a nice view? Or just a friend even? I know I’m gonna go looking for and hopefully find one before February is over so that I can take advantage of the deal without asking the people there if I can just ride twice on one ticket.

Anyway, the carousel is open from 11am to 6pm Sunday – Thursday, so if you get there at the right time you can catch a perfect sunset.

[h/t Brooklyn Heights Blog]

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