Giving the scoop on dog poop could win you $50

cheer up, pup. You're internet famous!

Endless car alarms,  screeching sirens, sidewalks covered in dog waste and the terrifying pack of just-released-from-school teenagers on the subway: these are among the more unpleasant aspects of living in New York City. But what is one to do? Blog about it, naturally. Brooklynite Jenny McCoy has taken up the cause of documenting dogs excusing themselves on sidewalks, and the owners who watch it happen, on her Tumblr, Dogs Shitting on Sidewalks. And now McCoy — whose unrelated day job is tweeting for @MTVnews — wants your help to document the doodie: any photo submitted to the site before April 30 will be entered to win $50 in cash. Send submission to with cross streets and borough, but watch where you step.

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