Giveaway! Take sides on Red Mango vs. Pinkberry and win free froyo

Red Mango vs. PinkBerry. FIGHT!

Red Mango vs. PinkBerry. FIGHT!

It’s not even official summer yet and it’s already been jorts-soakingly hot. Your options for finding a cooling treat when you’re out of cash include: digging through the trash at your local grocery store and consulting that Pee-wee episode on how to make Dumpster ice cream soup, or hanging around ice cream parlors on windy days hoping a kid’s scoop gets blown your way. Or, you could weigh in on the debate between the Manhattan-centric Pinkberry and Brooklyn-friendly Red Mango to win a sweet free gift card for some cooling froyo.

The fine folks at Snubbr, a crowd-sourced product recommendation site, want to hear your comments, and we’ll pick one winner to receive a $25 gift card for the brand you pick.

Fill in your thoughts in the comments below. After a week, we’ll pick a winner and $25 worth of your preferred frozen yogurt will be on its way to you! That’s enough to treat you and a few friends (or just eat it all yourself. No judging here).

Snubbr notes that when Red Mango opened a store across from Pinkberry in St. Marks Place two years ago, the city became a sort of mini-battleground for frozen yogurt. Both places have their die-hard supporters:  Some swear by the creamy, more health-conscious yogurt served at Red Mango. Others love Pinkberry’s crunchy, less creamy taste. Still others prefer less popular places like /Eks/ in Williamsburg, described by one fan as a “hipster frozen yogurt chain.”

So whattya think, brokesters? Red or Pink? Thanks to the folks over at for the giveaway!

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  • Red Mango for sure. They give you bigger portions for your buck, more fruit/toppings etc. The yogurt just tastes wayyyy better.

    I’m a big fan (of Red Mango), and Pinkberry is way overrated. I’ve never had a good experience there.

  • Red Mango wins hands down:

    1) I was told by an L.A. friend that Red Mango is the originator of the tasty froyo treat, and that Pink Berry copied them.

    2) Red Mango is just a cooler name.

    3) I associate Pink Berry with Paris Hilton.

  • Red Mango,for sure! The healthier,the better.

  • I LOVE Red Mango-it is my absolute favorite dessert/snack! I love the original flavor because it tastes PERFECT to me-creamy,slightly tangy, and fresh. I know its good for me and doesn’t have any extra chemicals or “bad stuff” in it like other chains, which I love even more because I’m a healthy foodie.

  • I once flirted with a girl at a bar who worked at the BK Red Mango. She gave me her number, and then I found out she had a boyfriend, or something. I haven’t been back in there since.

  • Red Mango over Pinkberry for sure (that crunch is ice crystals, yuk!) but Yolato is better than both. For some reason it never caught on though and is much harder to come by.

  • Red Mango is the only one i’ve had. :)

  • Red Mango hands down.

  • Red mango is SO much better. They have flavors that actually taste like something, and not just like a cloud filled with chemicals.

  • Red Mango. Less sugar, better tasting (how does low fat yogurt taste almost buttery?) and generally more consistent toppings. Pinkberry has more market presence, so it works in a pinch (there’s two close to my work in Manhattan and the nearest RM is a bit of a hike) but the $100 weird rabbit shaped accessories (like a toothpick holder?) is too much for me to handle.

  • I like Red Mango – the consistency is better and they tend to have a heavier hand with the toppings!

  • I’m gonna have to go with Pinkberry. I love their new mini cups and the granola parfait.

  • I do like my mochi so red mango wins in that court but i do also like the crisp bright atmosphere of pinkberry. Red mango almost feels like going to a fast food joint but pinkberry, with the chill frozen yogurt, the bitterness of the yogurt and the bright colors create a better consumption experience. If I was desperate and looking to lick yogurt off the ground of one of these establishments it would be pinkberry

  • Red Mango! It seems thicker and more flavorful than Pinkberry to me. Both are great, but I’d choose Red Mango over Pinkberry

  • Red Mango. Boom.

  • Pinkberry all the way, they even have their own song! Tart and tangy and so refreshing. Plus Pinkberry has mochi too!

  • Definitely Red Mango.

  • Red Mango. No question. It actually tastes like yogurt – tart, creamy – and you can’t beat the fresh fruit toppings. YUM.

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  • The yogurt war ended in my mind when Yogurtland opened. $0.30 / oz, a mix of tart and sweet flavors, and I’m not stuck with the standard amounts of yogurts and toppings. but if it’s a battle between Red Mango and Pinkberry, Red Mango!!!! Pinkberry is too uppity and expensive.

  • Red Mango, seems like a more purely yoghurt based froyo

  • When you try Yogen Früz, there won’t be a discussion anymore. Yogen Früz is THE best. Too bad it hasn’t come to the City, yet. Real fruit you can see in front of you… And the taste? Addictive. I need to go upstate for my fixes.

  • Red Mango, definitely.

  • My vote is Red Mango, though I have to admit enjoying the occasional pinkberry.

  • Look at all these Red Mangoers! I have to say I hated Pinkberry until I tried their flavored flavors and now love it. Even after trying Red Mango though, I still hate it and I will give reasoning:
    1) Why do you have to pay extra for toppings? Just incorporate it into the price and make me feel like I’m getting more!
    2) Why don’t you have a darling little mini cup?
    3) Why does your product melt as soon as I walk out the door? If I wanted milk I would’ve asked for it.
    4) Why is Madagascar Vanilla so tangy?! Shouldn’t vanilla be sweet?!

    I think that about does it!

  • Pinberry. Hands down. Can’t beat their tart original or the fact that they’ve got mochi!

  • pinkberry!

  • definetely red mango!! Pinkberry all tastes the same with all the flavors,
    it’s frozen yogurt- it’s suppose to be TANGY!! and also Pinkberry is too sweet.
    I like Pinkberry’s style better though.. but flavor goes to Red Mango!!!

  • I’ve only had Pinkberry but I heard Red Mango is a little more yougurt-ish which I prefer. Plus, doesn’t Red Mango have probiotics? I couldn’t say which I prefer though since I haven’t had both.. but with a $25 gift certificate I could *wink wink*.

  • Red Mango is much better frozen yogurt. The only thing better at Pinkberry is the decor.

  • Pinkberry – because I like my frozen yogurt tart and slightly icy.
    And I love the seasonal toppings (lychee!)

  • Red Mango!

  • Well, I use to love pinkberry then I had red mango but now I’m switching back to pinkberry. Love its chocolate and original and the fact that all toppings are included in the price and its CHEAPER! Plus! Why does red mango charge more for its flavor yogurt vs the original flavor? That is so LAME! That is wackity wack wack!

  • PINKBERRY is very tasty,..*( esp. the Mango) but SO EXPENSVE!!! i heard that the Lichee flavour was abs. divine,.. but I never had a chance to try it,bc they told me that is was only a temp. seasonal flavour. :( Toppings should NOT cost extra! And ESP.when one orders a cup of the fro yogurt,.. they should AT LEAST FILL UP the cup SIZE all the way to the top INSTEAD of merely just HALF WAY!!!! PinkBerry has a better name which I would associate to something appealing and tasty like Froy yogurt, rather than a Red Mango.

  • Red Mango wins.. I am a faithful customer and I always get the best frozen yogurt and service from red mango :)

  • I would have to choose red mango even though I didn’t even have pinkberry yet. I guess I should though so I can really vote

  • Red Mango! Self serve so you can pack in as many toppings as you want- shamelessly! Cheaper and more flavors!! Also, red mango existed in Korea before pinkberry emerged. Red Mangoooooo!!!!!!!!!!