Give, get the gift of reading at Book Lover, Book Me sale

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If you can’t think of some book, any book to get her, how strong is your relationship anyway? via Facebook

We’re basically at DEFCON 1 with Valentine’s Day, what with it being this week, and you’re probably panicking a little bit because you haven’t bought your boo a gift. Plus, shouldn’t there be something in this whole thing for you? Well, never fear, because the folks at powerHouse Arena are here with a buy one book, get a second half-off sale that lasts through Valentine’s Day. Finally, some people who recognize that Valentine’s Day is as much about treating yourself as it is treating your alleged special someone.

The store’s “Book Lover, Book Me” sale will finally allow you to buy that copy of The Power Broker you’ve had your eye on for months, and best of all, you’ll be saving while you do it. We mean, sure, it’s also good to get your boyfriend a book because reading is fun and you don’t want to be dating an idiot (unless he’s really hot), but you also have to keep your brain sharp. And you can’t just count on him to get you a book, so you may as well do it for yourself. Act quick though, because the sale is over on Friday.

And single people, take heart! There’s nothing in the sale language that says you need to prove you’re in a relationship, so you may as well take this as an opportunity to get a cheap book relatively calmly while the sweaty, panicky sucker in front of you in line is asking the clerk for assurances that what he’s buying “is all romantic and stuff.”