Gig alert: Report on mansion houses for the Wall Street Journal

Job requirements: not just writing "Holy shit look at that house." via Flickr user pmschlenker

Job requirements: not just writing “Holy shit look at that house.” via Flickr user pmschlenker

Hey journalists, sick of slaving away writing articles that comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable? Yes it’s about time you cashed in on that journalism degree you wished you never got, and the Wall Street Journal has just the gig for you. The paper is looking for a mansion reporter, as you do when you’re the paper of America’s wealthy (and bike fearing) elite.

The paper’s Mansion Section, yes they really have a Mansion Section, needs a new feature reporter. Presumably because the last one was thrown down a well by some weird Mr. So and So because he asked the wrong question. Your job responsibilities won’t just be writing about mansions, how great mansions are and traveling to far off destinations to look at mansions. You’ll also have to break real estate news. About mansions.

Previous stories, in case you’re putting pitches together, included things like “a profile of a billionaire from Kentucky who owns more than a million acres of land; an analysis of the market for the homes of college football coaches; and an exclusive look at Larry Ellison’s plans for the island of Lanaii,” according to the ad. So if you were planning on pitching things about guys and their own islands, make sure the island is very, very big.