Get tougher, delete your Myspace and your band just might make it

Titus Andronicus at Death By Audio. They ain't done so bad. Photo via Flickr's Ryan Dombal.

“Indie band success” might sound to you like “gainfully employed journalism major,” but people smarter than we in this area say apparently there is a way to make fat stacks while staying true to your DIY roots. The L Magazine published a huge feature this week of 101 secrets to indie rock success, with tips culled from the three layers of the power sandwich:  The Labels, The Experts (publicists, venue owners, mangers) and Us (aka the music media). It gives you a guide to tactics that annoy (Don’t call it a 7″ when it’s digital!), tricks to get noticed, like how to draft a booking email, and even how to act on stage. For even more tips, check Caroline’s post on how to get big-time buzz for your band.