People are going to live at this place one way or another. Will you be one?

Whenever there’s an affordable housing opportunity in the city, two things happen: There’s a horrendous feeding frenzy, and a big number of applications get thrown right in the trash because they’re filled out incorrectly. Bad enough to waste your time filling out forms and getting your hopes up, but to do all that and be almost instantly disqualified is even worse. It doesn’t have to happen to you though, not if you take advantage of a free seminar that will teach you how to at least fill out the form correctly (affordable apartment still not guaranteed).

There’s an affordable housing lottery coming up at 365 Bond Street (seen above in the very, very optimistic renderings on the banks of the Gowanus). Even if the Gowanus remains a fetid stew of PCBs and bodies, it’s still worth trying to get a below-market apartment at 365 Bond, so if you want one, check out the seminar held Wednesday, October 22 21 at Saint Agnes Church (433 Sackett Street) at 6pm.

Tomorrow’s class will cover how to make a profile on Housing Connect, how to correctly fill out and submit your affordable housing application, the credit requirements you’ll need to meet to be eligible if your application is picked and other ways you can increase your chances of snagging an apartment. If you want to learn all that stuff, shoot an email to FACHousing [AT] or call (718)237-2017 ext. 169 to RSVP. Just remember that it doesn’t guarantee your application will get picked, so we’d also recommend you keep stocking up on rabbit’s feet and making sacrifices to the Real Estate Gods.

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