Get rid of your old electronics in Park Slope this Saturday

Yeah, you're not gonna need this guy anymore. Via flickr user TarynMarie.

Yeah, you’re not gonna need this guy anymore. Via flickr user TarynMarie.

We’ve all got a lot of electronic crap lying around (broken iMac keyboards, iPod classics, *N Sync Hit Clips…), but if we’re planning to spend the future shacked up in Bloomberg’s 250-square-foot apartments, it’s probably time to pare down. But you can’t just toss old electronics, since they’re filled with hazardous materials that’ll hurt the environment. Luckily, the city’s hosting an e-waste recycling event in Park Slope next week, and you can drop off all your electronic goods without fear of creating even more Super Rats.

This Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, you can bring computers, monitors, video game consoles, cell phones, hard drives, TVs, portable music players and a whole bunch of other  bygone electronics to  Fifth Avenue near Sterling Place in Park Slope, right in front of Key Food. The old electronics will be recycled courtesy of City Councilman Stephen Levin, in conjunction with Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID and the Lower East Side Ecology Center They’ll also accept batteries, but don’t combine your alkaline batteries and rechargeable ones, please.

And don’t strain your back hauling old microwaves, A/C units and refrigerators, as those have to handled separately. For more information, check the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s e-waste FAQs.