Say what you will about R. Kelly (he outlasted D’Angelo, for one), but the guy really commits to a project once he starts it. How else to explain the balls-out insanity of Trapped in the Closet stretching out for an unbelievable 33 chapters? The hip hopera’s story of infidelity on top of infidelity on top of midgets hiding in cabinets struck a chord with audiences unsure if Kelly was serious about the entire thing or not. And tonight you can get together at Brooklyn Bowl with all the other fans of this groundbreaking entertainment and sing your hearts out at the Trapped in the Closet Sing-a-Long.

The sing-a-long is free and goes down tonight at 9pm. Brooklyn Bowl also recognizes the camp value of Trapped in the Closet, but also calls it a masterpiece, so you’ll be sure to get people on either side of the divide. One thing you can be sure of is that you won’t find anyone there half-assing it: this is a piece of entertainment that requires your full commitment. Plus, if you’re going to sing along with the man who did “Ignition” and “I Believe I Can Fly,” how can you not give it your all?

R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet Sing-Along, tonight, 9pm, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, FREE

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