Now you can watch Kris Humphries get posterized while waiting for a Calexico taco

One thing about the LIBOR Barclays Center that makes it such a destination is its myriad food options. We’ve gotta say, in our life of attending professional sporting events, nowhere else came close to providing food that was actually worth the ridiculous markup that comes with it being served in a sleeve or box branded with the home team’s logo. The only problem with all those food options is that when you get up to buy them, you end up waiting in a line and missing say, the only competitive part of the basketball game, like in our recent trip to see a game against the Heat. But now you can watch the game on your phone through the Barclays Center app while you wait on line for your food.

The app utilizes a Cisco product, StadiumVision Mobile, to provide you slightly delayed video on your phone, through the Barclays app. And, as befitting an arena that cost a billion freaking dollars, the wifi there is free, so you won’t be cursing your way through a janky 4G connection while you wait on the bathroom line. There are four different camera angles to choose from while watching, and you can rewind up to 30 seconds to prove to the people around you that, yes, Joe Johnson really did just hit a big shot. Now if only the Nets could work on an app that allowed them to play the Bucks all the time.

[h/t The Verge]

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