People wait all year for this February occasion. They plan whole days around it, involve loved ones and slowly “X” the days off the calendar until they can finally partake in one of nature’s most sensual delights. We’re talking of course, about IHOP’s National Pancake Day, which is happening next Tuesday, February 5th. Why, what were you thinking about?

National Pancake Day is really just a clever euphemism for “free pancake day,” but we could see how IHOP wouldn’t want to start a riot by making things so explicit. It’s pretty simple though: you go in, wait an eternity for your table and then get to chow down on a free short stack, no purchase necessary. They do ask that you make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. Which, let’s do that, we’re not monsters, we’re just people who really like free pancakes.

If you’re going to go, we really do recommend getting there early. That or be prepared to wait like you’re trying to get in to Pok Pok or something.

If you want in, you can find an IHOP at any of the following locations:

785 Flushing Avenue

Downtown Brooklyn
276 Livingston Street

2101 Ralph Avenue

East New York
11000 Flatlands Avenue

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