Get drunk with the bloggerati at our meetup


You blog. You drink. So do we! We should do something sometime.

Have you ever done a Google search for the term “Brooklyn blogs?” It turns up a modest 26 million results. That means roughly 10 blogs per resident of our fair borough, which, to be honest, doesn’t sound too far from the truth (this humble reporter is guilty of contributing to at least four himself).

So what? Maybe we do have the highest concentration of bloggers on the planet. But don’t you ever wonder what the faces of those pajama-clad carpal tunnel-rocked wretches of the Brooklyn bloggerati look like? Now’s your chance to find out, and, like, get drunk with us and stuff.

Brokelyn is teaming with Fucked in Park Slope and Brooklyn Based to bring you: Brooklyn Blogs (A Lot), a blogger meetup at Bell House on April 14. It’s free to go, and a hell of a chance to network with some champions of the blogodome, and watch everyone shut down Twitter by @-replying people standing right next to them. (Sign up for the fun here).

Do you have to be a blogger to attend? The official line is that “it helps,” and around here, we say commenters are also bloggers. Tyler, Liz, Sarah, bklyngirl, Ian, juliec, EmilyH—we want to meet you and all the other opinionators who keep this URL hopping. As an added inducement, there will also be “Blogger Lager” drink specials. We’re staking out our very own Twitter hash tag to keep track of the fun: #bkblogs.

You can see a list of everyone who has registered to attend on the event page. We won’t name drop here as to who’s signed up, but the dude who invented hipsters might just be there.

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