Get your CSB from Transmitter Brewing before they’re all sold out

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Like Janis sang, get it while you can. via Facebook

You’ve got friends who have excitedly talked about their CSAs, but whatever, you don’t care about things like “vegetables.” What good have they ever done for you? On the other hand, you do care about beer, which does so much for you, like being a companion in tough times and making you funny and handsome. If you really love beer, now you can sign up for a beer CSA, or a CSB, from Long Island City’s Transmitter Brewing. Hurry up and decide though, because, there’s only 200 shares in the spring/summer CSB.

We know, it’s a little weird to pay up front for beer, but hey, you did it for the Beer Books and look at how well that’s worked out for you. The Transmitter CSB is a little more expensive than the Beer Books at $175 for a six month share, which will get you two 750ml bottles of microbrew goodness per month. That’s not all though. You also get two fancy glasses, a t-shirt and a 10% discount off of any additional bottles you buy or growlers you fill up at the brewery.

Is there a downside to this? Well, you have to pick up the bottles from the brewery in person, so if you consider going to Queens a downside that could be bad. Why would you think that though? Even with the G train nightmare that will befall us this summer, Transmitter is right under the Pulaski on the LIC side of the bridge, so as long as you can make it to Greenpoint, you can just walk or bike over the Pulaski and boom, the beer will be yours. So in our humble opinion, there is no downside to buying a share in this CSB.