Historic deals: Gay wedding discounts ahoy!

If the rainbow-colored jubilation we saw across the city this weekend is any indication, this is first of many celebratory deals we expect to be seeing this summer: Not to be outdone by Boing Boing’s lesbian moms deal, our friends at Rose Red & Lavender in Williamsburg tell us they’re now offering a 10 percent discount on flower arrangements for their first 10 LGBT weddings. Weddings, flowers, pomp, circumstance — it’s like the gays are just like everyone else after all!

We want to hear about more of these deals, since there’s going to be a lot of new wedding business to compete for after gay marriage goes into effect July 24. Send us all your LGBT deals to tim [at] Brokelyn [dot] com, or add them to the comments, and we’ll post them here. All gay everything!

Rose Red & Lavender is located at 653 Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg.

Photography deal:

Katje Hempel, a Brooklyn-based gay photographer will be including free engagement shoots in my packages for the first five same-sex couples that book a full wedding, plus “elopement” specials for couples during the first week that we are legally able to marry.

Food deal:

Rickshaw Dumplings, free wedding and truck from first same-sex couple to get in touch: truck@rickshawdumplings.com.

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