Furniture scavenger hunt: This week’s top cheap finds

This is fun, but really you should get some furniture already. Photo via Flickr's Andrew Shoemaker.

The stresses of school/work/lack of work make your home your solace. Start crafting that awesome apartment you always wanted one piece at a time. Craigslist offers some of the best vintage and designer quality furniture for budget-friendly prices. Yes, there’s always a bit of risk when getting anything second hand, but what’s the fun of just walking into Pier One and knowing exactly what you’re going to get? Here’s some great stuff available this week:


Ornate table  $60 (Brooklyn)

This is an amazing piece for an entranceway or could even be used as a stylish desk. This table with a great vintage typewriter will have you writing like Salinger in no time!


Chrome Barstools $30 each (Queens)

Chrome brings a great industrial look to an apartment, these stools are in great condition, you can use them for a high table or as extra seating in a living room or kitchen corner.


Vintage Art Deco Ashtray $45 (Downtown Manhattan)

You don’t have to be a smoker to appreciate a great vintage piece like this. Use it by your door as a very stylish key holder!


Mid-Century Suede round chair $100 (Long Island City)

This chair looks especially comfortable and modern. Pieces like this are usually double or triple the posted price. Great corner chair for reading!


Vintage Three-Drawer Dresser $60 (Uptown Manhattan)

There’s so much that can be done with a piece like this. It’s great as is, but with a little sanding and some paint or stain and you’ll have a great one of a kind piece.


Marble and wood mod style coffee table $30 (Midtown Manhattan)

Great mod coffee table for setting down your Martinis after a long day.


Blue couch with wooden Frame $75 (Brooklyn)

They just don’t make couches the way they used to! This heavy wood frame and strong upholstery will hold up against your Jennifer Convertible any day of the week. And at under $100 you can’t lose!


4 Vintage Wrought-Iron Chairs $50 (Queens)

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space in this city don’t settle for plastic chairs. These wrought iron chairs bring country charm and will last way longer than plastic.


Two 1950’s Marcel Breuer Leather and chrome chairs $175 for the pair. (Westchester)

These chairs are pricey for the pair but they are by the modernist architect and designer Marcel Breuer. They retail for over $400 each. At under 200 for two, these are a great find for a design enthusiast!


Lucite Nesting Tables $35 (Chelsea)

These clear nesting tables are space saving and modern!


Mustard Mixed Material Couch $45 or trade (Brooklyn)

This awesome mid-century couch looks like a piece right off the Mad Men set. Pair it with the mod coffee table listed above and an Old Fashioned.

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