Frugal Traveler ‘goes deep for the cheap’

Picture 6New York Times’ Frugal Traveler Matt Gross brought his globe-trotting thriftiness to NYC this week and put together a low-budget traveler’s guide to the city that he says should offer “everything you’ll need to figure out how to have a good time without a Wall Street bonus.” Sounds like our kind of guide—and in fact, which recent list of B&Bs for under $150 a night does Gross include in his handy section on where to crash? Rhetorically, ours. Also making a cameo is The skint, our favorite daily blast of cheap and free events in the city, alongside various other suggestions for “discount dining,” “drinks and other freebies ” and “frugal fashion.” Gross invites readers to leave their own suggestions, with some hilarious and also helpful results, and I think we ought to do the same. What did he miss? I’ll go first: pizza.

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